What is improvisation?

Life is an improvisation. We are constantly faced with unknowns and are always having to come up with an appropriate response to a new situation. A wonderful way to develop the capacity to be flexible and adaptable is to improvise musically. Jazz gives us this opportunity. Whether playing or listening, there is an amazing sense of excitement and wonder as the music unfolds spontaneously. No one, performers included, knows quite where it will lead.

Although improvisation is associated with the freedom of jazz music, people from all cultures have been playing instruments spontaneously throughout the world for thousands of years before notation was introduced. Even European classical musicians like Beethoven would perform a sonata in one half of a concert, followed by an improvisation in the second. Improvisation has always been part of the complete musician.  The ability to adapt and spontaneously respond to dynamic situations can open up many doors that were previously unavailable.. Think of the times, maybe at a party or a social gathering, where you don’t know what to say, and feel restricted by worry about what others may think of you. The improviser, whilst playing, has the courage to put all this to one side, and surfs on a wave of creativity.

I believe that bringing improvisation to people, both young and old, as players and listeners is a wonderful thing, and beneficial in many ways . Especially when we live in an age where everything is airbrushed, auto-tuned and processed, to give a shallow version of perfection. Go to a live, improvised concert or gig, and hear the real beauty and wonder of humanity expressing itself; raw, and un-doctored. It’s a unique, amazing experience that you will never be able to fully re-capture on any recording, digital or otherwise. - Jason Rebello

Did you know that Jason is passionate about education through Music.

He frequently runs Workshops/Master Classes and Summer Schools in the UK.

He is also a Visiting Lecturer at Music Colleges across the country and

He also gives Private Piano Lessons


TEDx talk on improvisation

At a festival, he can run a Workshop or Masterclass prior to a

performance on the same or subsequent days.He did this at Brecon Jazz

2013. A Masterclass is a forum where he invites questions from the

audience (approx 60) and demonstrates the answers on a piano. A

workshop is when a group of students book a place (limited no approx

15 or 20) and interact as a group with Jason and possibly another

musician, bringing other instruments if they have them. Duration

approx.2 hours.

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He is a guest lecturer for the annual Guildhall School of Music

Summer School (1 week) He works with a groups of piano

students intensively for 6 days in tandem with other tutors and

groups with a performance on the final day. It is hugely successful

and enjoyable for both students and teachers.

He has annually been on the board of examiners for The Welsh National

Music College exams.

He is also available to teach and examine, currently lecturing

at various schools and music colleges in the UK including

TheGuildhall School of Music, The Royal Northern College of Music,

ChethamsMusic School, The Welsh National College of Music and

Bath Spa University

He is  available for private piano tuition in Bath either in

person or on Skype. Private lessons cost £50 per hour.

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Occasionally he has been commissioned to specifically compose a piece of music for

an organisation or group, including  ABRSM Grade 6 exam, Prior Park

Choral Society, Onyx Brass Quintet and Equivox Percussion Ensemble.

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